The Jigsaw Kit by Drawing Hands is a transformable set of individual furniture pieces that can be put together in multiple configurations, according to the needs of the members of the family. It comes as a set of 3 elements that can be assembled into :

01 Ottoman  02 A tea set  03 Bookcase/storage unit  04 Home worktop  05 Individual seat  06 Coffee table

The inspiration for this set of furniture comes from a very real home need. i.e: a lack of space, the want for an elegant yet lightweight coffee table, an extra seat for visitors in the drawing room, that has to be stowed away when not in use. We conceived a single design that would serve all of the above purposes, and we wanted to push a bit more. Hence the 6 [more can be derived, we leave it to the users' imagination] configurations from the 3 pieces. The elements are configured to be fitted together through the use of Japanese joinery, i.e : no screws, only plugging the pieces together like a jigsaw. It can also be perceived as a DIY furniture element for the home user.