Shruti Omprakash is Founder and Principal Architect of Drawing Hands Studio. She is an architect based in Chennai. She graduated with an MSc. in Architecture and Urban Design from The Berlage, TU Delft, The Netherlands and holds a bachelors in Architecture from MEASI Academy of Architecture, Chennai, India. She has been a part of Ud-S [United Design Studio] this past year and worked previously in Bangalore, India for 2 years.
She envisions Drawing Hands to be a platform for competitive collaborative work, as good design is never entirely an individual’s accomplishment. It requires the fine tuning of many minds to achieve excellence. She is particularly keen to bring about a change in the current model of Work and Knowledge Environments. Her ideal work place is a cafe with good wifi!  




Our collaborators/friends are fellow architects, lighting designers, electrical engineers, design researchers et all, who are awesome at what they do! We love our work and collaborate simply because we have so much fun doing so and of course, the work that comes out of this is quite rich in content and quality. We are currently collaborating with designers, architects and urban planners from Chennai, Mumbai, USA, The Netherlands and Kuala Lumpur.