LOCATION : Amsterdam, The Netherlands

PROJECT TYPE : Urban Regeneration | Strategies for Revitalization

COLLABORATORS : The Berlage, TU Delft

As a city develops, it is often confronted with issues of lack of space to supplement the growth. On the other hand, it also leaves behind vacant spaces in its wake. We began a research about these spaces in the city of Amsterdam as a part of a larger study at The Berlage. We found an alarming quantity of empty office spaces, with well stocked cubicles and noone to use them. On a parallel note, temporary activities occurring repeatedly in a specific place tends to generate much activity within an area. Our proposal was to bring both together, in an attempt to revitalize these vacant spaces through recurrent temporary programming, specific to the area. We are currently working on a design model for Chennai, to re-use its empty office spaces.



LOCATION : Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu

PROJECT TYPE : Disaster relief housing | Temporary structures

The project is an initiative toward developing flexible, mobile and instantly deployable prototypes primarily for disaster struct areas. Design of a single livable unit for 4 persons has been detailed and is ready to be taken to the testing stage, The unit is transformable when multiplied, into a classroom, a hospital, even an entire community. Every element is designed to be dismantled, with material specifications mentioned. We are on the look-out for prospective collaborators and vendors for the proposal.