LOCATION : Amsterdam | Chennai [Proposed]

PROJECT TYPE : Work Environments

COLLABORATORS : The Berlage, TU Delft; Steelcase Workspace Futures 


Production of work and the environment it takes place in has been undergoing quiet and drastic changes over the last decade. Start-up offices and small scale business entrepreneurs are often seen working in cafes, public spaces, accomodative libraries etc. rather than full-fledged office scenarios. The design of the work space needs to be treated keeping in the mind the experience of the employees/knowledge producers. The study done previously at The Berlage in collaboration with Steelcase Inc. involvled analyzing and designing spaces for activity-based scenarios. Co-working spaces are a form of the new-age work environment, popular in Europe and the US. They are fast becoming a norm in India too. We are in the process of collaborating with a few incubators, and The Works@, Chennai, to develop a model for designing these knowledge spaces.